Features of ZipDrive

Remote file access

Stream all the files, folders and media on your computer, fully available from a web browser or mobile device.

Share via web or mobile

Securely share the files and folders on your computer with a share link via the web or your mobile device.

Stream music, videos

Access the entire media collection located on your computers. You can stream the media files, as well as move them, delete or organize them from anywhere.

Access external / mapped drive

With ZipDrive, remotely stream, edit, play, and share files from any mapped drive or an external hard drive connected to your computer. You can also upload files / folders to the drive.

Search files

ZipDrive allows you to search your desktop files from anywhere. Search within one computer or across all added computers.

Work with MS Office files

With ZipDrive, you can open, edit and save Office files without leaving ZipDrive. Teams can co-edit files in real-time, while the files are automatically saved.

Secure access

All access sessions are secured with TLS v 1.2 to protect your data in transit.

Trusted devices

Each time you sign in to your account from a new device, you are required to authorize it. This is an additional level of security for your account, as it prevents unauthorized access.

Platform independent

Access the files on your PC, Mac or Linux machine from anywhere - given that the computer has an active Internet connection and the ZipDrive application installed on it.

Controlled access

You have the option to enable your entire computer, or just selective drives / folders for access via ZipDrive.

License key

For increased security, you need to authenticate your desktop by entering the License Key provided to you on creating your ZipDrive account.

File / Folder functions

You can upload files / folders, move files between folders, as well as download the same.

Add users

Admin of ZipDrive account can invite and add users to their account. Users can add their computers and access the same via ZipDrive.

Fast uploads via mobile

You can upload all your iPhone / Android photos as well as videos in one click with the ZipDrive app.

Two-factor authentication

Once enabled, in addition to your password, you will need to enter a verification code, while signing in to your account, for additional security.

ZipDrive - create your private cloud in minutes!

To stream and share your files from anywhere, just add computers to your ZipDrive account - no uploads to third party cloud required.

Getting started with ZipDrive

  • Install App

    Download, install and run the application, which has limited GUI, on all your PC, Mac and Linux machines which you want to access.

  • Authenticate Computer

    Enter the License Key provided to you in the popup that appears on your computer screen. Once authenticated, the computer gets added to your ZipDrive account.

  • Access via Web or Mobile

    All the added computers will appear in the 'Computer List' in your ZipDrive account. To view the files residing on a particular computer, click 'View Computer' against an online computer name.

  • Perform File / Folder Functions

    You can now browse the files on your computer. Also, perform file / folder functions like rename, delete, move, copy, add to favorites, share, create new file / folders, upload files / folders, etc.

Who can use ZipDrive?

ZipDrive is ideal for anyone who needs a file access or file sharing solution, be it home users, professionals or small businesses.

  • Individuals who telecommute and need to browse files while on the go.
  • Professionals who need to stream files from their computers for a quick demo or presentation.
  • Users who need to transfer photos and videos from their mobile devices to their computers in one click.
  • Users who want to quickly navigate through their computer, copy / rename / delete files / folders and even share a particular file with others from anywhere.
  • Teams who wish to create as well as co-edit MS Office files in real-time, while the files get saved automatically.

Here's what the experts say:

A new feature is ZipDrive, which acts as a personal cloud service that turns your PC into a kind of server which allows you to access files on your other devices via the web. It's not something that will be for everyone, but if you want to move files around or share your creations with friends and family around the world, then it's a nice option to have. - Martyn Casserly
This handy service turns your PC into a secure file server for photos, music, movies and more. - Rick Broida
ZipDrive looks to offer cloud storage with some security bonuses. - Anthony Spadafora
Robust web access and file sharing options are among the highlights of using ZipDrive - MacLife June 2021