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How do I install the ZipDrive application on my Linux machines?

To install ZipDrive on your Linux machine,

  1. Download the ZipDrive application, using the following commands:
  2. a. For rpm:

    sudo rpm -ivh https://app.zipdrive.com/downloads/linux/zipdrive-agent.x86_64.rpm

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    b. For deb:

    TEMP_DEB="$(mktemp)" &&wget -O "$TEMP_DEB" 'https://app.zipdrive.com/downloads/linux/zipdrive-agent_amd64.deb' &&sudo dpkg -i "$TEMP_DEB" && rm -f "$TEMP_DEB"

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  3. Register the ZipDrive application, using the following command:

    sudo zipdrive {License Key} 
    1. Once the above commands are completed successfully, your linux machine will appear in the Computer List of your ZipDrive account.

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Which versions of Linux OS are supported by ZipDrive?

The various distributions / versions of Linux OS which are supported:

  • CentOS 7+
  • Debian 9+
  • Fedora 31+
  • openSUSE 15+
  • Red Hat 7+
  • SLES 12 SP2+
  • Ubuntu 16.04(LTS), 18.04(LTS), 20.04(LTS)

Can I temporarily disable access to my computer?

Yes, you can temporarily disable access to your computer via ZipDrive, using the following command:

To resume access, run the following command:

Can I choose which drives of my computer I can access via ZipDrive?

Yes, you have the option to share your entire computer or just selective drives / folders for access via ZipDrive. By default, some files are excluded like operating system related files, Program Files, temp files, etc.

Run the below command to configure the path and exclusion list:

What other functions can I perform via the ZipDrive application?

You can run the following commands to perform some more functions like:

  • Use this command to get the current status of the ZipDrive application.

  • Use this command to unregister an already registered machine. Machine will not be visible in the computer list of ZipDrive.

  • Use this command to check the ZipDrive application version.

  • Use this command to send error reports along with logs to ZipDrive.

  • Use this command to register the machine back to ZipDrive. Go to the 'Add Computer' section of ZipDrive web interface for license key.

How do I exit or uninstall the ZipDrive application from my Linux machine?

To stop or exit the ZipDrive application, run the following command:

To start or open the ZipDrive application, run the following command:

To restart the ZipDrive application, run the following command:

Run the following command to uninstall ZipDrive, and the application will be removed from your Linux machine.