Getting started with ZipDrive for Linux

Add Linux machines to your ZipDrive account, and access your files / folders via the web or your mobile device.

What does ZipDrive offer?

Browse and share your files from anywhere - no uploads to third party servers required.

Remote file access

  • Access all your files - documents, music, videos, images - and zipped folders, from any web browser.
  • With the ZipDrive apps installed on your mobile devices, connect to any online computer and browse your files on the go.
  • Enable your entire computer, or just selective drives / folders for access via ZipDrive.

File / Folder functions

  • Remotely upload files / folders to your computer, move files between folders, as well as download the same.
  • Access your media collection from anywhere, and play music or video files directly from your computer.
  • Share files or folders from your computer via a secure share link.
  • Open, edit and save MS Office files without leaving ZipDrive.

Secure and private

  • You need to authenticate your desktop by entering the License Key provided to you on creating your ZipDrive account.
  • Each time you sign in to your account from a new device, you are required to authorize it, by adding it to the Trusted Devices’ list.
  • All access sessions are secured with TLS v 1.2 to protect your data in transit.

List of commands:

  • Command


  • zipdrive config

    Use this command to configure the path and exclusion list. By default, all machines are configured to be accessed through ZipDrive.

  • zipdrive start

    Use this command to start the ZipDrive application.

  • zipdrive stop

    Use this command to stop the ZipDrive application.

  • zipdrive disable

    Use this command to temporarily disable access to a machine through ZipDrive.

  • zipdrive enable

    Use this command to make the machine accessible though ZipDrive again.

  • zipdrive status

    Use this command to get the current status of the ZipDrive application.

  • zipdrive restart

    Use this command to restart the ZipDrive application.

  • zipdrive unreg

    Use this command to unregister an already registered machine. Machine will not be visible in the computer list of ZipDrive.

  • zipdrive reg {License Key}

    Use this command to register the machine back to ZipDrive. Go to the 'Add Computer' section of ZipDrive web interface for license key.

  • zipdrive uninst

    Use this command to uninstall the ZipDrive application from the machine.

  • zipdrive ver

    Use this command to check the ZipDrive application version.

  • zipdrive report

    Use this command to send error reports along with logs to ZipDrive.